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Joy's heartbeat is to instruct and encourage those...

Joy A. Schneider’s heartbeat is to instruct and encourage those who have the desire to become equipped and knowledgeable about spiritual warfare.  If you are doing anything for the Lord, you are having the enemy come against your efforts.  Even in daily activities we encounter opposition to our growth and spiritual endeavors.  The good news is that Jesus has already won the victory.  Spiritual warfare is appropriating what He has already purchased for us in His death, burial and resurrection.  Here are some ways that you can learn now to stand strong in the battle.


  • Why the Battle?

  • Knowing your authority to do battle

  • Put the bullies in their place

  • The Power of the Word in Spiritual Warfare

  • Sharpen the point of your Sword


  • Shame Has No Right to Stay

  • What’s the difference between grieving and grief?

  • Mothers on the War path

Identifying the Hierarchy of Satan

Four one-hour sessions – Retreat or seminar

One one hour segment – Overview of Ephesians 6 segments


Spiritual Warfare

45 minutes overview

30 minute introduction to Spiritual Warfare


Principles of wrestling for everyday style confrontations

Invite Joy to Speak at Your Next Event

at your location or online

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