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Joy A. Schneider

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Meet Joy

Joy A. Schneider is an award-winning author of three books.  She is passionate about equipping and encouraging people to stand strong in the spiritual battles they face in life.  Identifying the Hierarchy of Satan: A Handbook for Wrestling to Win? is a powerful reference book for the Body of Christ and Joy’s flagship work.  Released last December was Shame Free: How to Remove the Cloak of Shame, the second book in “Battle Over the Anointing” Series.  How to Keep Grief from Stealing Your Destiny is the first book of this Series.

Joy is a board member of AWSA (Advanced Writers and Speakers Association) and a member of CIPA (Christian Indie Publishers Association).  She lives in Colorado.  She enjoys time with her daughters and their families, including eight grandchildren.


I have found that Identifying the Hierarchy is a rich source of teaching on spiritual warfare. It can be referenced again and again as you learn the tactics that you are dealing with or as your situations change.  A useful tool for every Christian from an everyday person who prays through a seasoned intercessor.